Le magasin vous accueille du :
Mardi au Samedi de 10 heures à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 19h
30, boulevard Mirabeau 13210 SAINT-RÉMY-DE-PROVENCE
Tél : +33 4 90 92 66 66


In one part sits the teenager with his laptop on his knee, the youngest has fallen asleep in your lap while you and your friends are laughing and playing cards. Your husband comes and joins you with a refilled bowl of popcorn…

The world of HOME & FAMILY is a world of peace, love and joy. These are the magical moments with your family and friends. When meetings and discussions can last forever while the time flies and you don’t need to worry about anything else but concentrating on the things that are the most important. We provide you with a product that will act as the meeting point in your home and you never have to worry about it´s tenderness or that there isn’t room for everyone in every generation.

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